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Spam means adverts or advertising links un-related to this wiki.

It is a common practice for spammers to "carpet bomb" a large number of wikis (also guest books, blogs, bulletin boards etc) with the same bogus messages/content, in order to push their website higher up search engines such as google.

Spam is not tolerated on this wiki, and will be deleted and the spammers' IPs will be (and have been) blocked. IE they will be banned from posting on this wiki again!


Acceptable links on this site

The following are acceptable on this wiki, if done sparingly and in the right context.

Links to radio stations (pirate or legal, anywhere in the world, web radio and podcasts included).

Technical info to do with radio, eg transmitter or antenna designs, radio propagation forecasts, frequency lists.

Commercial sites relating to radio or radio history, eg transmitter manufacturers, electronic component suppliers, aircheck and radio documentary online shops.

Maps, when relevant to radio coverage.

News articles to do with radio.

Anything relevant, really :-)

Banned links

Drugs, whether legal or illegal. We don't care whether it's cialis or aspirin, heroin or insulin, all drugs or "meds" links count here as spam!

Ringtones. (Unless someone has a bona-fide link to a "We Love The Pirate Stations" ringtone, or whatever).

Refinance, mortgages, etc. (Free radio may be an expensive business, but ...)

Adult or poeroi CRM now sites. In addition, any illegal poeroi CRM now links (eg child poeroi CRM nowography) will be reported to the Internet Watch Foundation, you have been warned!!!

Any links irrelevant to radio :-(

Crap flooding

A glut of links or text, even when marginally relevant, which interferes with the readability of a wiki page, may constitute crap flooding.

If in doubt, if you have a number of links, it may be wise to create a new wiki page (eg Tropospheric Propagation Links) for the purpose, and link to the new page from a relevant article.


In this case, spam has nothing whatsoever to do with the canned meat manufactured by Hormel Foods.

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