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Avoid defamation

No libellous, slanderous, or otherwise defamatory information is to be included in this wiki. This includes any info which cannot be proven as a fact. Even if the information seems innocent or harmless enough, people may still be offended. For example, a radio related website made the mistake of publishing a DJs full name and describing him as an "ex-pirate". The DJ in question then made a complaint to the website's ISP, of "defamation" - from that moment on, the website was effectively destroyed. Needless to say, we'd rather that didn't happen to this wiki! So if you are not 100% sure of a "fact", do not include it here!

Likewise, implications of possible negative activities (eg theft) by named stations or individuals, are forbidden in this wiki unless backed up by hard evidence (eg online news reports).

Protect people's identity and privacy

No real names are to be mentioned, or photos of people included, within this wiki. Personal privacy must be protected at all times. See above. One exception to this rule is when it is not only common knowledge, but is already stated elsewhere online that a person's name is linked with free radio.

No info or photos are to be published which give away the geographical location of a pirate station's current, or possible future, or recent past (less than 6 months ago), studio or transmitter location. This is to avoid the risk of DTI raids, or of info/photos being used in court cases against pirate DJs, technicians or operators.

Avoid "weasel words"

Avoid phrases such as 'some people think' or 'many regard' (who exactly?), especially when followed by descriptions which could be construed as negative.

Try to be specific - avoid vague descriptions such as 'unprofessional', 'boring', etc

Other rules

No spam (un-solicited adverts irrelevant to radio) or crap-flooding (stupid or meaningless postings, especially when repeated).

Please note that it is illegal to promote, in any way, any currently operating pirate radio station. (The law says we've got to include this bit).

Otherwise, please feel free to enhance this site with as much info as you can. Many thanks :-)

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